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Rangkaian Kata Bermakna

On 23.24

Apa yang membuat orang dapat menjadi terhibur? apa yang membuat orang bisa menjadi marah? Apa yang membuat orang bisa bangun dari keterpurukannya? Apa yang membuat orang menjadi semangat dan menjadi berhasil dalam hidupnya?

Jawabannya: KATA-KATA Sang berhikmat pernah berkata:"Hidup dan mati dikuasai oleh lidah, siapa yang menggemakannya akan memakan buahnya." (Amsal 18:21). Coba perhatikan "The Words" di bawah ini yang bersedia belajar kutip dari blog sahabat: hayat.blogspot.com, selamat membacanya....


"Many people had big plans but do not come true. Because so many people who had big plans but failed to deliver on their promises small.

Blind fanaticism to cover the evidence of truth
Life is not always beautiful but it's wonderful to live in the memories

If people need a friend, he will take everyone who wants to help her, about who it is, it does not matter

Everyone was thinking to change the world and no one thought of changing himself.

Indeed we can not change the world, but do not let the world change us

sometimes life is hard, but with us live with the heart field and continue to try everything will feel lighter

We can not build a future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future

A true and loyal friend is worth more than all the gold in the world.

The secret to succeeding is to respect others

People who know themselves to have lied, he would not believe the people who are honest.

Never make important decisions when you feel scared, depressed, stressed, tired, or too excited

Do not forget kebaikan2 small and do not remember small faults Do not care who gave it, if it is good advice

Who plan a lot without thinking of the details will not be done, let alone produce anything until a satisfactory

Why do we often fail? Because we are always too many plans and too little thinking.

If you think of yesterday without regret and tomorrow without fear, then you already are on the correct path to success

If you want to know the nature of man, give him the authority

Do not give food to others what you yourself do not like to eat

Far better to keep a friend from falling than to help him get up after he fell

Do not expect a shortcut to get long-lasting success


" Do not despise small things because it's a small needle is sometimes shed blood

Genius is a combination of 1% idea and 99% hard work.

Broken hearts suppose crooked iron tapped despite difficult return to original form

A CHALLENGE and the forging of course makes you a stronger

Never destroy your dreams with a business that is only done half-heartedly

Learning will not mean anything, until there is change in behavior

Do not regret who is gone, do not cry that was gone, but arose and building back what was lost and gone

If you help a friend who is in trouble, he will never forget you if he is in trouble again

Peace can not be maintained by force. It can only be achieved by understanding

To be successful, you must decide exactly what you want, write and make a plan to achieve

Even if the road was long, we'll slowly forging

Never underestimate the things we are doing good though just a smile

If you are not yet ripe for criticism, you are too young to be commended

God gave the exam in the form of failure and loss to us to teach us wisdom


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I like this post...very applicable...and nice to learn on your personal thoughts about life.


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